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Tips to Create an Enticing Grazing Table



If you have a fancy event with numerous people but you cant place a bunch of tables for people to sit down,  a grazing table might be your best choice. Similar to a buffet, a grazing table is placed for guests to pick and nibble food, but this one is more aesthetically pleasing than a simple buffet. You just need a flat surface in any size such as a wooden board, large platters or over the table.


A grazing table doesnt need to look organized. In fact, the messier the better! If youre wondering how to start creating an enticing grazing table for your guests, check out this post.

Start with the base

The most important part of setting the structure for your grazing table is picking a base. Choose an unusual-looking table or any piece of furniture that really blends with the motive of the party. If you dont have anything similar at hand and dont have the budget to rent something, you can still decorate your own table with tablecloths and fabric napkins to embellish your base.




Place it properly in the room


A grazing table is the place where your guests will gather at one point or another in the event, so you must be careful it doesnt get too crowded. With this in mind, you should place the table centered in the room, or at least a bit far from any walls. Make room for your guests to walk around the table and access it from both sides. This will also let them see the whole decoration and reach every food available.




Mix & Match


Mixing things up is the perfect way to build an aesthetic grazing table. Pick different trays and serving boards in contrasting materials such as wooden, glass and marble. Also make sure to have some cake stands of different heights to serve your food. Different materials will help with this mix & match look, showing both rustic and elegant scenes. The difference between tall and flat serving plates will make it easier to serve even more food.


Also, mixing textures should be applied to your ingredients! An all-meat table would be dull and heavy on the stomach, while a full assortment of cheeses would be too bland. With this in mind, create the perfect combination of fruits, vegetables, protein and dairy.




Think about the serving utensils


Not only should the dishes look good, your utensils need to be pretty as well. Pick fun and colorful items or something that truly combines with the whole color palette youre working in. If you dont have much budget you can always go to a thrift store and find even more unique pieces such as lattes, serving forks and knives to cut cheese and bread.




Make everything bite-size


This tip will be crucial to make your grazing table a success, you need to care for the size of the pieces of food you place. People can have a hard time cutting and picking food if its served in bigger pieces, plus they wont have the proper surface to do so. Make everything bite-size, your fruit, bread, cheese and meats must be small and easy to chew or hold in a napkin.


We hope you find these tips useful if its the first time youre creating a grazing table for your friends and family. Were confident theyll help you wow your guests with a delicious and beautiful-looking feast.