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Things To Avoid When Cleaning Your Refrigerator


Your refrigerator is probably one of the most important appliances all around the house. Without it, we simply cannot store food or at least the food that we consume most often. So having a refrigerator is of great help but it’s also a responsibility because you have to keep it in top shape.


Asides from doing yearly checkups and maintenance with your technician, you should also make sure that it’s always clean. A clean fridge is not only good-looking, but it’s also healthier for your family. Check out which things you should avoid when cleaning your refrigerator.


Procrastinating and leaving it for “later”

We know cleaning the fridge might not be the most exciting of tasks, but it’s something that needs to be done for the health of your family. So, asides from cleaning it up constantly, don’t let those sudden stains sit there for days or even hours. If you spill wine on a shelf, time will only harden the stain and make it harder to clean.


Forgetting about expired products

This is probably the most common thing people encounter when cleaning their fridge after years of not doing it. Expired products are not only gross due to their smell and taste, they could start growing fungus or bacteria that can release spores and stick to other food or travel through the air vents of the fridge, contaminating it all. So, once a month try to check the expiring date of your food and remove everything that doesn’t make the cut.


Foregoing occasional deep cleans

A deep clean is much more than just removing old food and swiping the shelves with a piece of cloth. To make sure that this appliance is completely sanitized and apt to hold your and your family’s meals, make sure to do a monthly deep cleaning where you scrub, rinse and clean every corner of the fridge. If you have a big family or share the refrigerator with roomies, this cleaning might need to be done more frequently.


Placing recently cleaned shelves back into the fridge

This mistake could cost you a lot of money. Some people find it easier, more comfortable, and even safer to place the fridge shelves and crisper drawers in their dishwasher. While this can actually get you a more thorough cleaning, you need to let the shelves cool down until they reach room temperature before you return them to their place. Since most shelves are made of glass, the fluctuation in temperature between the hot water and cold fridge could crack the shelves or break them.


Using bleach

If you didn’t read your refrigerator manual, you must know that most manufacturers recommend avoiding bleach as a cleaning agent for the insides of the fridge. The chemical compound bleach can harm the materials of the appliance and it can be easily transferred to your food. Even though bleach is a great sanitizing agent, you can also try an alternative mix of vinegar and water to spray gently over surfaces.


Keeping your refrigerator in top shape has never been this easier with our handy cleaning tips!