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The Secret Life of Potato Mashers – 12 Surprising Uses


A simple potato masher, like our stainless steel version, has a secret life full of vegetables, nuts, crackers, cheese, and meat. Grab that lonely masher and let it live loud with these ideas:


  1. Fresh fruit and herbs can be gently muddled as a base for your next pitcher of sangria or kid-friendly punch when you gently press down on the berries, citrus slices, and apples.


  1. Easily crumble feta or blue cheese right before you sprinkle it on your salad.


  1. Guacamole made fresh from avocado, lime juice, and some salsa (or fresh onions and peppers) to make a savory dip to enjoy as an afternoon snack with chips, crackers, or spread on your favorite toast.


  1. Revive apples that seem like a lost cause into applesauce or compote. Gently stew cut apples with water until the pieces are tender, then mash them up just like potatoes. Add some cinnamon or ginger for a little spice and enjoy warm apple compote over ice cream or yogurt as a tasty treat!


  1. Tender nuts like walnuts, pecans, and cashews can be broken up quite nicely with a potato masher. What you put the nuts on or in could be just about anything from salads and muffins to ice cream and cookies.


  1. Rather than adding butter or oil, keep pasta clump-free by stirring the pasta as it boils in salted water.


  1. Quickly crunch up cookies, graham crackers, or potato chips in a deep bowl or large sealable freezer bag.


  1. In a pinch or when making lots of pies or pastries, your potato masher will be happy to step in. Be sure your butter or shortening is cold for the best results.


  1. Love meatloaf but can’t stand touching raw meat? Your masher is perfect for mashing the raw meat with breadcrumbs, eggs, veggies, and seasonings (ketchup optional).


  1. When browning meat, skip the turner and use your masher, which breaks the meat up quickly, and you’ll end up with meat that is evenly cooked and ready to be transformed into Bolognese sauce or wrapped in a tortilla.


  1. Make egg salad in a flash and skip the mess of chopping the eggs. Whatever your recipe, put it all in a bowl and smash it to the perfect consistency.


  1. Skip the canned stewed tomatoes and throw fresh, ripe tomatoes in a pan. As they naturally break down, use the masher to break them up.



What do you think of the secret life of the potato masher? Did we miss a great idea? Let us know, we’d love to hear from you.