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The 5 Best Protein-Packed Salads



There are two kinds of people in this world: those who run away from salad and those who can’t get enough of them. It doesn’t matter which one of them you are, salads are a big part of a balanced and healthy diet, and they also make up for the perfect quick meal that contains all the main food groups. If you’re particularly interested in having a protein-packed meal because you’re training harder and want to build muscle, or you’re just about maintaining a lean body, check out the best salads with high amounts of protein.


Caesar-crusted chicken salad

You’ve all heard of the classic Caesar salad and its amazing flavor, but have you ever thought of deconstructing this salad to make it even healthier? The Caesar-crusted chicken salad begins with whole lettuce leaves or romaine hearts, instead of high-carb croutons you can use crisp Panko crust (hence, the name!). A delicious grilled chicken is heightened by the classic anchovy and Parmesan dressing, used lightly. Not only is chicken a high-protein meat, the anchovy adds a little bit more to the formula.


Roasted sweet potato and chickpea salad

Just because you’re looking for a high-protein salad to bring a hearty meal to your body, it doesn’t mean you have to stuff your mouth with meat! This delicious salad contains no animal-based protein but is still filled with this healthy nutrient. Chickpeas have sky-high amounts of protein, even more so than chicken! Roast a few chickpeas to add some smoky flavor and mix them with sweet potato and a little arugula, all adding up in nutrients.


Shrimp avocado tomato salad

Sometimes you think that a salad can be either filling or light, and there’s no middle point. Well, this salad is both things! With this mouth-watering and fresh salad you’ll get your daily fix of protein from shrimp, deviled eggs and avocado. If you’re not scared of a little fat with your meal, you can add crumbles of delicious Feta cheese and a lighter-than-air lemon dressing.


BBQ chicken Cobb salad

You know the popular Cobb salad, right? There’s a way to make this the most healthy and hearty salad you’ve ever tasted. BBQ chicken, hard boiled eggs and a bit of crispy bacon make up for the protein in this salad. As for the rest of the ingredients? Feel free to add corn kennels, black beans and Roma tomatoes. Pour in a spoonful of delicious, homemade Ranch dressing and you’ll have yourself a healthy deliciousness.


Salmon and quinoa salad

The best thing about this salad is that it has not only one but 5 different sources of protein. A piece of grilled salmon, a bunch of quinoa, lentils, green beans and Feta cheese are the best proteins you can find. Make this the greenest salad in town with kale, broccoli and parsley; and you can add a zesty touch with some Sriracha and lime juice.


There you go! Who said salads were all leaves and not filling? With these amazing ideas for protein-filled salads you’ll have the right amount of protein and fresh ingredients in a convenient bowl you can eat anywhere. Which one will you try first?