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Substitutes for Butter (Healthy Alternatives)



We can’t deny it, butter is one of those unmistakable ingredients that make up for pretty much all meals, dishes, stews and baked goods. But, as you might know, butter is a product obtained from churning milk or cream, which is an ingredient some people can’t consume and others choose not to. If you’re looking for healthy substitutes for butter check this article out.


Olive Oil

If you’re looking to cook something directly on the stovetop such as a stew or a dish and you don’t want to use butter, olive oil is your go-to choice. Olive oil is pretty close to butter in taste and composition, but it’s not the best alternative for cooking because it sometimes doesn’t get you the exact same results.



You never heard about ghee? It’s basically a cleared out butter that has a nutty aroma and flavor. You can use ghee instead of butter for cooking and baking, but you might need to use a bit less because it has more moisture than plain butter.


Greek Yogurt

One of the healthiest alternatives if you love baking but you can’t or won’t use butter is greek yogurt. This ingredient adds some tanginess to the flavor of your recipes IF you use full fat greek yogurt. If for some reason you pick low fat yogurt, your baked goods could end up dry and mealy.



Avocado is one of the top substitutions for butter when you’re baking because it can increase the nutritional value AND replace the saturated fat in butter for the monounsaturated fat in avocado. The best thing about avocado is that you don’t have to alter the measurements because it works perfectly on a 1:1 ratio.


Pumpkin Purée

Pumpkin purée is another great ingredient that can healthilty substitute butter on any cooked or baked recipe. Pumpkin purée is packed with vitamin A and other great nutrients, but it’s a bit more watery so you should use about ¾ of the usual amount of butter stated in the recipe.


Mashed Bananas

Mashed bananas work similarly to pumpkin puree because they add great nutritional value to your recipes without adding unhealthy fats. Bananas have the perfect creaminess and texture to bake all sorts of breads, but the taste of the bananas can add a strange flavor to your finished recipe.


Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has similar properties to olive oil, but the best thing about this ingredient is that it solidifies under certain temperatures so it’s perfect for baking. You should look for ultra refined coconut oil since it tastes less and less like coconut, making it even better for your recipes.



If you’re looking for a delicious alternative when cooking and baking instead of butter. Not only will the nutritional value increase, the calories will significantly cut down. Another cool thing about applesauce is that, because it’s naturally sweet, you can also cut down on the sugar of the recipe.


Make sure to make small experiments when starting to replace butter with one of these ingredients, so you get to the ideal consistency and flavor of your meals and cakes.