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Kitchen Hacks with Liquid Ingredients


Kitchen lovers have to face using all sorts of tools and ingredients on a daily basis. While some of them are easy to handle, some of them might not be as breezy. Even if this isn’t your case, there are still plenty of tricks you could learn to take more advantage of some ingredients while you cook. So, without further ado, here are some useful kitchen hacks that involve liquid ingredients.


Working with sticky liquids

This is probably one of the most genius kitchen hacks when it comes to working with liquid ingredients.  It’s pretty common that, whenever you’re using honey, syrup, peanut butter or a similar ingredient, when you try to pour it you end up with half of the measure stuck to the measuring spoon. To avoid this sticky situation, spread some oil spray on the spoon before you pour the liquid on it. Whatever the substance, it’ll slide right off without leaving a trace.


The tastiest gravy

When making gravy, we all know that the main ingredient that provides its characteristic flavor is the juice that’s left from the roasted meat or poultry. Even though this calls for a classic gravy recipe, you might want to mix things up using an unexpected ingredient. Try adding vegetable water to the gravy, this water is ultra-rich in nutrients and you might already have it laying around from any veggies you previously boiled for the same meal. Not only does this hack call for a more flavorful gravy, it’ll also be packed with vitamins.


Marinade smarter

This tip might come in handy for those who love to grill or barbecue their meals on the weekends. Instead of sticking to the same old seasonings, why don’t you give your marinades a fun twist? Next time squeeze some fresh orange juice into a bowl and use it to marinade your chicken or fish. Orange mixes perfectly with ginger, honey, onions and even some chili flakes. The great thing about citrus is that they really pair with almost any other ingredient. And don’t think this works only with meat, you can also marinade or glaze sweet potatoes and other vegetables.


Upcycle your pasta water

This is a kitchen hack that environmentalists and eco-living people will love. Making sure you use as much of your ingredients as you can also makes a good cook, so next time you’re making pasta don’t drain it directly into a colander. Lift the pasta from the pot or pour the pasta water into another bowl and store it. When you’re cooking the sauce, you’re going to add for your pasta in low heat, this pasta water will be perfect to mingle with the flavors and add a silky texture, rather than the usual chunky result.


Liquid ingredients can be your best friends when it comes to adding flavor or even saving recipes. So, don’t be afraid to use them freely while you cook, with these simple kitchen hacks it’ll be easier to get professional results to serve to your friends and family.