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How to Reuse Plastic Grocery Bags



Plastic bags seem to be everywhere. At every purchase we make in the grocery store, plastic bags are there. This, of course, is detrimental for the environment, since most of these bags are used only once then thrown away and they can take thousands of years to disintegrate, which essentially makes them pollution.


Some stores have made the switch to paper bags while other people carry their canvas bags when they go shopping, but there’s still plenty of stores that only carry plastic bags. If you have a huge stock of grocery bags and you’re thinking of throwing them away, stop! Check out the best ways to reuse plastic grocery bags and do something good for the planet.


To line your trash cans

Every house has a huge garbage bin where everything goes and has those big, black trash bags. But, around the house, you’ll need to place many other trash cans way smaller in size. Grocery bags are just the perfect size for your to place them as lining in those trash cans. You can use them for your bedroom, bathroom, and even the office.


To protect your plants

Some cities experience harsher winters than others, and sometimes we can’t help but receive a cold front with a few days of advance. If you have several small plants that are quite sensitive to cold, the best way to protect them from overnight frost is to tie a plastic bag around them very gently. The plastic will protect the plant from harsh winds and trap the warm air like a bubble, insulating the branches and even the roots.


To fill outdoor pillows

This is a very creative project for people who like crafts. If you have a lot of plastic grocery bags and a beautiful backyard with a seating area, you can make a couple of outdoor pillows without having to spend big bucks. Take a piece of a tablecloth, if you can purchase water-resistant fabric it will be best, sew a square and fill it out with your grocery bags. You’ll have a soft and fluffy cushion that won’t mess up if it stays out in the rain!


To clean up after your dog in the park

Why would you spend your money buying fancy doggie poop bags at your pet store when you have perfectly fine plastic bags at home? Simply fold all those grocery bags and store them in a purse or fanny pack and take it with you whenever you need to walk your dog. This DIY pet waste bag will save you troubles and money.


To make a small greenhouse

If you’re into gardening, you can take your favorite seeds and plant them on a 5-gallon planter. Put 3 or 4 wooden sticks deep in the soil surrounding your seeds and loosely place a plastic bag on top of the sticks. Next, you can seal the container with duct tape and let your seeds sprout. Once the sprouts are large enough you can remove the bag and transplant your seeds to an outdoor garden,


Just like this, you have new creative and useful ways to make use of your grocery plastic bags!