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How to Measure Sticky and Hard Ingredients



We know that cooking and baking are a real delight for most people. And while some are used to following recipes by heart and simply improvise or use their own methods, others like to follow recipes letter by letter so they result in the perfect taste and consistency. But sometimes measuring certain ingredients, such as sticky ingredients, can be a big headache.


Some ingredients such as honey, peanut butter, corn syrup, or hazelnut cream are a real hassle because they can’t help but stick to everything around them. This is a big problem when cooking because you end up not knowing if you measured the right amount or removing everything from the measuring cup.


Some amateur bakers might know the struggle more than anyone. You’re making your dough and you need to pour some honey to sweeten the bread, but the whole process ends up being such a mess that the rest of the preparation gets pretty complicated and you feel like throwing the towel.


The secret behind measuring

If you’re no stranger to what we’ve just described, here’s the best-kept secret to a mess-free pour: Simply add a tiny drop of oil or non-stick cooking spray directly on your measuring cup. This will do the trick! After this, all of your sticky ingredients will completely slide out of your measuring cup or spoon and land right into your mix or batter.



Take your measuring cup, whether it’s plastic or metal, and spray the inside with some nonstick cooking spray before you use it. Both the use and the cleanup for this method are quite simple, the ingredients slide right out and you’ll be ready to measure another ingredient right away.


Another useful method is to line your measuring cup with a piece of plastic wrap and measure the food directly into the cup. Then remove the sticky remains by pulling on the plastic wrap and scraping it into the mixing bowl directly. For a mess-free ending, simply throw the plastic wrap away.


A great measuring method that involves zero mess is using heat. Dip your measuring spoon or cup in hot water before you start measuring. Honey and sticky ingredients won’t stick to a particularly heated spoon.


Are you dealing with sticky bottles too? Don’t worry! This simple trick will solve it for you. When you have to open sticky bottles frequently, such as corn syrup, maple syrup, and honey, you might find it very difficult. Before using the bottle for the first time, wipe the border with a light coating of oil. The lid of the bottle will never stick and you’ll have no problem opening it over and over again!


All of these tips are particularly useful for people with small children who like to have them around when cooking and get help from them. If you find it difficult to remove Nutella out of a measuring cup, think about how hard it can get for a small child. So put our methods to test and never again feel the need to lick the spoons to remove the remains of a sticky ingredient. But we can’t deny that’s a delicious part of cooking we’ll miss!