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Best Kitchen Pantry Organization Ideas



All of us have dreamed about having a perfect kitchen pantry just like the ones we see in magazines. Making it real is not that hard if you follow some organization tricks. It’s all about making smart decisions about the places or the order you place things. You don’t need to spend a fortune to have your ideal pantries. Follow these tips and you won’t regret your decision! It’s your time to shine.


Use straw bins

This is very useful to store all of your cans, tomato sauces, etc. You can place them in the order you like the most and grab them when you need them. Also, if you like to control the expiration dates, you can arrange them from the oldest to the newest. Matching the canisters in different sizes makes your kitchen look nice and keeps everything in the proper place.


Toss what you don’t need

All of us have six jars of the same spice hiding in our cabinets. This kind of habit leaves no space for the things we really need, so clean up and toss the things you are not using. I’m sure you will find expired things, duplicates, etc.


Use baskets and label

Labeled baskets are one of the components of expert organization. Labeling things from most to least important and putting them in a predetermined order makes everything look tidy and beautiful. Besides the pretty designs you can buy, it makes your life easier and helps you when you are in a hurry. Also, it encourages your family to follow the order you already planned for things.


Create extra shelving

You can put small baskets between the empty spaces and take advantage of it. These small places are perfect for putting your spices or seasonings. Another way of using the space smartly is installing a pegboard on a free wall. This way you can have things on display and grab them easier.


Drawer Separators

The drawer organizers help you stock your things in a perfect order and keep it all in place. We recommend you to use it to separate bottles and keep them from clanking, but you can use them on whatever you prefer.


Pre-labeled jars

If you don’t like to label things yourself and you prefer a more classic look for your kitchen, you can buy the pre-labeled jars and place things perfectly in order. It’s a great help for your family to find things quicker and don’t mess with the things you have already arranged.


Use what you have

If you want to have an organized kitchen and you don’t have a budget, just use what you have in your house, get creative and make things work for you. It will make your kitchen look homely and beautiful.


There are many different ways you can organize your kitchen and make it look wonderful. Create a system that works for you and your family. Dream big, follow the recommendations and remember, sky's the limit.