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8 Kitchen Tools You Didn’t Know You Needed

With so many kitchen tools out there, it’s hard to decide which ones are actually practical, and which ones are only bought for fun.


But fear not, because we rounded up some cool & practical kitchen tools that are surely worth buying:


    1. Clip-on Strainer



      Straining pasta, meat, and vegetables from boiling water is such a hassle. Make your life easier using a silicone strainer that clips on any pot or bowl.




        2. Fruit & Vegetable Cap



          Using half or a quarter of a fruit or vegetable is common in many recipes. Keep the remaining part fresh for a week or more by using a cap.




            3. Jar Scraper



              This tool comes in handy at times when you find it hard to reach to the bottom of your favorite peanut butter or chocolate spread jar.




                4. Electric Can Opener  



                  Traditional can openers can cut your fingers. Switch to a safer, more efficient option by getting an electric can opener.




                    5. Microwave Cleaner



                      Clean your microwave easily with this erupting volcano cleaner that uses water and vinegar or detergent, steaming it into the nooks and crannies of your microwave.




                        6. Curved Tongs



                          Tired of tongs that make your kitchen counter dirty? Try this improved version with bended ends.




                            7. Stackable Ice Trays



                              Stackable ice trays are a great way to deal with limited freezer space. This tool is a godsend for cocktail lovers.




                                8. Adjustable Rolling Pin



                                  Preparing pastries has never been this easy. Say goodbye to uneven dough using this rolling pin with four thickness-adjusting discs.