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8 Essential Kitchen Time Savers That Every Kitchen Needs

8 Essential Kitchen Time Savers That Every Kitchen Needs

Every kitchen should be equipped because it makes your work easy. There’s basic equipment that every kitchen should have. This includes bowls, pots, pans and high-quality knives. Apart from the basics, there are certain chef-style kitchen products that save you time and help you prepare delicacies. These time savers will cost you money, but they are an investment. They help you do everything quicker.


  1. Measuring Spoons

A measuring spoons set is one kitchen tool that saves you time and helps you stay organized. When selecting a measuring spoons set, look for high quality Stainless Steel and one-piece metal construction – that way you won’t have to worry about rusting or bending.


  1. Dough Blenders

Dough blenders help you save time while preparing your favorite baked goods. Using a good dough blender guarantees you an impressive texture and taste for baked foods. They incorporate butter into flour properly so that you can achieve flakier and fluffier biscuits, pie crust, pizza dough, scones and pastries. The main advantage of using a dough blender is speed – it works way faster than a fork and knife!


  1. An Ice Cream Scoop

An ice cream scoop offers the most convenient way to scoop meatballs, cookie dough, and ice cream. Not all are created equal though. A good ice cream scoop should be heavy duty, durable and compact. You can also use them for non-conventional things like removing melon seeds and filling peppers with stuffing.


  1. Locking Kitchen Tongs

Multipurpose kitchen tongs are a must have if you want to make your kitchen run efficiently. Tongs can be used to execute a variety of functions in your kitchen. For example, they can be used in making salads, picking up ice cubes, and lifting boiled eggs out of water. You can even use the tongs for your next barbecue, flipping cutlets, and picking ears of corn from boiling water. Ones that have a locking feature are even better since it helps you store them neatly in your drawer.


  1. Bench Scraper

A bench scraper is also a multipurpose kitchen tool. You can use it to divide dough into even sections, scrape dough from the surface, chop soft fruits, and scoop & chop vegetables and herbs. In a pinch, it can even be used as a mini-cake lifter. Look for one with a ruler along the edge to help divide your dough equally and also ensure your treats are equal in size before you bake them.


  1. Professional Box Grater

The importance of having a professional box grater in your kitchen cannot be over-emphasized. If you’ve ever watched a cooking show, you’ve probably noticed that a grater is one of the gadgets chefs commonly use. A box grater typically has four sides that can be used to grate different food items with different coarseness, depending on which side you use. Freshly grated vegetables, ginger and cheese will enhance your dishes compared to pre-shredded ingredients.


  1. Kitchen Shears

This is another important time saving tool you need to have in your kitchen. Kitchen shears can be used in cutting different types of foods, including chicken/poultry, vegetables, meat, chocolate, and dried fruits among others. They can also help you cut open packaging materials and snip herbs straight into the pot – so you won’t have to wash a knife and cutting board.


  1. Vegetable Peeler

The last tool you need to have in your kitchen to save you time is a vegetable peeler. A good peeler removes skin from veggies quickly and with ease compared to a knife. They also help you waste less since they remove only the peel. This could even save you money in the long run!