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3 Tips For Easily Organizing Your Kitchen



Whether just moving in or tired of the kitchen chaos, organizing your kitchen is critical to everyday life. Small kitchens can be manageable, and large kitchens don't have to keep unused items. Here are some tips and tricks to organizing your cabinet spaces and keeping the kitchen functional. 



Focus on cleaning counters, tables, and each cabinet space as you move items out and back in. Not a requirement for staying organized, yet it is an efficient use of time. As you stand in front of a cupboard, think about what function it best serves and what you do in that spot. If it sits near the refrigerator, perhaps cups and dishes are best suited. Likewise, if near the oven, spices, and cooking tools fit best, and so on. This works for drawers, upper and lower cupboards.



In a similar fashion to function, items that are used more frequently should be within easy reach. Use shelves at eye level for bowls, cups, glasses, and plates. Drawers at waist height are best used for spatulas, turners, and measuring spoons. The lower cabinet's front sections nearest the oven should hold pots, pans, and baking dishes. Items only occasionally used for unique dishes or holidays should be stored away on the higher shelves and in the back of cupboards. 



No matter the size of your kitchen, space always seems to be a problem. There are great space-saving options that fit every kitchen. Use a spice rack with standard containers on the inside of a cabinet door near the stove. Another easy option is to find containers that fit your drawers' height and label the top for easy organization. Lids to pots and pans can be ''hung'' on the inside of cabinet drawers as well. Inexpensive hooks (including easily removed adhesive ones) work perfectly. Be creative here, even measuring cups and spoons can be easily hung on the inside of a door. 

If you have a nice sized pantry, use the floor space under shelves to store the waffle iron, electric griddle, and other countertop appliances. For deep cupboards that are difficult to reach, invest in a rolling drawer or plastic bins that you can easily pull out.


The key to success in any organized kitchen is to have a place for everything and keep everything in its place. Keep things logical for you and your family, including in the pantry such as breakfast items in one section or shelf, and items that cook together often next to each other (like baking ingredients or pasta and sauces). Be sure to donate or toss any items you haven't used in the last year and keep your kitchen user-friendly too.