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Top 5 Most Underrated Tools In The Kitchen



At times, it's possible to get quite overwhelmed with the choice of kitchen tools available. The market is flooded with all sorts of accessories, gadgets, equipment, and supplies to help us cook better and make our kitchen spaces a little more flexible. The question is, how do you tell the really useful tools from the fads and the worthless items? Keep reading to learn more about the five most underrated tools in the kitchen.



1) Shears


Shears are perhaps the single most underrated items in the kitchen. They can come in handy for a huge variety of purposes, from cutting ingredients more quickly and evenly to opening packages and pretty much everything in between! I love them so much I have two pairs myself: one for various purposes, such as opening food packaging, and another one for processing ingredients, such as chopping chives or even cutting thin beef strips!



2) Offset Spatulas


Most people think of bakers smoothing out the icing when it comes to offset spatulas. However, this tool can be so much more versatile. For example, it can be surprisingly amazing to even out butter or spreads on toast instead of struggling with a regular table knife!



3) Bench Scrapers


Here's another tool that most people associate with bakers for the most part. While a bench scraper is fantastic to work with flour, it can also help people keep their kitchen surfaces cleaner by quickly rounding up food debris and crumbs. It's also possible to use them for cleaning bits and pieces left in the pan before washing, instead of sending them all down the drain!



4) Tongs


Tongs are relatively popular, but you wouldn't believe how many people neglect to buy them! I remember being younger and struggling to get food out of the pan. At best, I'd be making a mess with a wooden spoon. At worse, I'd be scratching the pan with a fork! Tongs make the process so much cleaner and more manageable, not to mention safer for your pan.



5) Serving Ladle


In much the same way some people neglect tongs, you wouldn't believe the number of people who don't consider getting a good ladle. I was guilty of that too, struggling to get soups out with a wooden mixing spoon, or even trying to tip over the pot's content into the bowls, never failing to make a mess in the process!