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Tips to Substituting Sugar in Your Baking



Cooking without sugar can be tricky, especially when you have to cook for your children and for other members of your family. Luckily you can find substitutes for sugar that can make your food delicious and you won’t even notice the difference. This path can be a little rough at first but you won’t regret making this sugar-free life decision. With these tips anyone can be a great cook and satisfy the desire of something sweet.

With these baking hacks you will be able to enjoy all your meals without worrying about adding sugar to it.

Pay attention to your measurements

First of all, you have to be careful with the measurement of the substituting ingredients; sometimes the texture or the moisture level can be very different from sugar.  Make sure you check the composition of your batter before you add the subbing ingredient.

Go for sugar-free choices

Secondly, your sugar free versions of food can dry out quicker so make sure you eat it as soon as possible.  There’s nothing wrong with using sugar-free substitutes but you’ll have to keep in mind that you may never reach the very same taste as you get with whole sugar.

Popular substitutes

The best sugar substitutes we recommend are: maple syrup, honey, Stevia, food concentrates and fruit. There are different brands that you can find, just make sure they are completely natural. Also, you can choose between liquid or powdered sugar replacements (depends on your preference).  Using this kind of ingredients means you will not only benefit from its nutrients and fiber but from their natural sweet flavor. Besides, you will be providing a much healthier diet to your loved ones.

Don’t be afraid to use fruit

Depending on your preferences, you can benefit from adding fruit in your cooking, taking into account that it’s a very versatile element. Bananas are a typical choice but there are other fruits that are naturally high in sugar and can make your baking delicious. Pineapple and mango are our favorites, but you can mix your own flavors.

Take your time

Don’t rush yourself into getting it right at the first try, it takes time to find your preferred choice and the measurement of your ingredients. On your first attempts at changing sugar for other options, you might feel discouraged at the final taste. Know that this is normal and can be corrected once you get to know the right portions.

Mind your other ingredients

Be careful with the other ingredients you use for your baking, chocolate for example has a lot of sugar in it. Using raw cacao powder instead of chocolate gives you a rich flavor and it also has minerals like iron and magnesium.

Change the flour

Use wholemeal flour instead of refined flour. It’s not a sugar itself but it digests really quickly and can aggravate the blood sugar levels.

The most important thing when looking for sugar substitutes for cooking is to find the flavor you like the most and making the adjustments you need to follow your diet. With these tips being sugar-free has never been so easy, and making delicious treats for your family has never been so much fun!