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Tips To Keep Your Kitchen Organized



Cooking is a real joy, but it can potentially become a hassle if you don’t have things in the right place or you feel like you’re losing control of your kitchen. We put together some easy-to-follow hacks to keep your kitchen organized and make it look like a professional kitchen.


Label and date food in your freezer

This is a genius hack not only to keep your meals organized but also to avoid any unnecessary waste in your kitchen. Even though frozen food lasts longer, it doesn’t mean it can live for years in your freezer safely. Each time you place either pre-made frozen food or cooked meals you want to store, write down the date on them so you remember how much time you have left to use them.


Store your cans sideways

One of the best kept secrets of expert organizers is quite simple, so simple you won’t believe you didn’t think of it before. Instead of piling up your cans standing up and having to take them all out each time you need one, simply store them sideways, which allows for more room and also you’ll be able to see everything at first glance.


Store your tupperware open and keep the lids apart

You might be tempted to store each plastic container along with its lid, but this is a mistake that’s taking up too much space in your kitchen. Take out the lid of all your tupperware and store them on a plastic bag that could be hanging in the door of the cabinet that contains the tupperware. Then take the smaller containers and start piling them up like a Russian doll, until you’re left with the biggest containers storing the smaller ones inside.


Store your plastic bags in a can or jar

Plastic bags are very helpful and almost necessary when you’re going to take out the trash, but finding a way to store them can be very annoying. If you want to keep all plastic bags in order, take a can or a crystal jar and drill a whole on the lid. Carefully sand out the edges so you don’t end up scratching and breaking the bags. Then simply put all of the bags inside the jar and take each one out as you need them.


Place the most commonly used items closer

This is a very basic tip but it could save you some headaches in the future. When you’re cooking you might notice that your movements are a little clumsy as you try to find the items you need. Decide which are the items you need or use the most and try to make them as available as possible, placing them at plain sight and storing what you use the least far away or in hard-to-access spaces.


Freeze food flat in Ziploc bags

Another genius freezer tip to keep your food organized. If you love making meals ahead, instead of storing them in plastic containers -which take up a lot of space-, try to put them in Ziploc bags and flatten the bag as much as you can so you can store them either horizontally or vertically.


Did you find these tips useful? Which one will you try first?