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The Ultimate Seasonings For Your Meals



Cooking can be an act of magic, turning into a disaster if you don’t know the right steps, or turning into a real miracle when using the ideal ingredients, and this of course involves the seasonings you pick. Spices and seasonings are usually part of barks, roots, leaves, stems, buds, seeds or fruits of aromatic plants and trees that grow all over the world and they usually present themselves in dry and powdered form. Keep reading if you want to find out which are the ultimate best seasonings to use for all your meals and dishes.


Black Pepper

Practically every savory dish you prepare must include at least a bit of black pepper. If you choose to use black peppercorns you’ll be saving the oils inside the pepper for longer, which results in a richer and deeper taste. You can also find white and even pink peppercorns, but the basic black peppercorns will do for basically any meal from pastas to chicken and beef stews.


Lemon Pepper Seasoning

Lemon pepper has become a very popular ingredient for many recipes in recent years. The spiciness of pepper combines perfectly with the zest of lemon, and it’s perfect to season chicken, burgers, pasta or even a big batch of fries. Lemon pepper is not hard to find in gourmet stores but you can always make your own batch for a personalized flavor.



Cumin is an earthy, aromatic and slightly nutty spice that’s also very rich in natural oils. The best thing you can do is purchase whole grain cumin and grind it up as you need it, in order for it to last longer. Cumin is so basic that it’s actually a part of other seasonings such as curry powder or chilli powder. You can add cumin to noodles, pasta and all sorts of grilled vegetables.


Ground Garlic

More than just a simple seasoning, garlic is considered as one of the main pillars of the kitchen. Sure, fresh and raw garlic is always a good idea, but when you don’t have the time you should always keep at hand granulated or powdered garlic at hand. If you use ground garlic you can cover more surface of your dishes and spread the flavor better. Generally, garlic can and should be used as a base for practically all sorts of dishes and dips such as guacamole.


Cajun Seasoning

Even though cajun has a bad reputation for being extra hot and spicy, the truth is cajun seasoning is more savory. This exotic and tasty spice can be adjusted in amount to rearrange the heat produced by the cayenne pepper found in it. Cajun seasoning is ideal to cook stews, chicken and other foreign meals.



Another essential spice that’s usually used in several Mediterranean and Latin American dishes, dried oregano can be used in shakers to add a final touch to a meal and even a juicy slice of pizza. Typically the flavor of oregano is warm and a little bitter, making it a good spice for shrimps, roasted chicken or simply to sprinkle over tomatoes, salads and potatoes.


Now that you know a little bit more about the best seasonings you can use for your meals, you can start shaking things up in the kitchen and experimenting with one or more of them to add more flavor to your recipes.