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The Ultimate Mimosas Recipe



Mimosas, anyone? This is the ultimate and fanciest drink anyone could ever have for breakfast, brunch or basically any other occasion. Mimosas are sweet, fizzy and extra light beverages that can make anyone ask for a second glass without a trace of guilt. Mimosas are great for brunch but they also make the perfect beverage on special occasions and holidays such as 4th of July, Christmas or bridal showers.


If you’ve never tried a mimosa, it’s about time you do. This beverage combines the sweetness of orange juice with a tinge of bitterness courtesy of champagne. If you want to learn the ultimate mimosa recipe that’ll have your guests wanting more, check this article and fix your first mimosa ever.


Ingredients for the best mimosa ever

The best mimosa is actually the less complicated one, the one that calls for only two main ingredients and no add-ons such as orange extract or Cointreau liquor. True, the ingredients are very simple, but you need to keep a close eye on HOW the ingredients are.


  • Orange juice: Cold and freshly squeezed orange juice is the absolute best choice for a good mimosa. If you can’t squeeze the oranges yourself, then buy a high-quality, pulp-free orange juice (never a concentrate!). The reason for picking a pulp-free juice is because it can create a bit of a mess when mixed with the bubbles of the champagne.
  • Champagne: Here’s a tip not many people know, if you want to make the perfect mimosa you won’t actually buy champagne. For a good mimosa, you can simply purchase a Cava from Spain or a Prossecco from Italy; both great dry sparkling wines that mix well with juice. Stay clear of extra cheap sparkling wine since it can give you headaches, but also don’t splurge on a pricey champagne since the OJ will simply dilute the delicate taste of the liquor.
  • Juice/Champagne ratio: Want to know what the perfect ratio of juice and sparkling wine is? Start by making it 50/50, then start working your way from there. For a punchier mimosa you’ll want to make it 2 parts sparkling wine and 1 part orange juice. For a sweeter and lighter mimosa, start with a 50/50 ratio and add more orange juice until you find the perfect taste.



  • Start off by squeezing your oranges a couple of hours in advance. This way you can chill the juice before actually preparing it. If you happen to see any pulp floating around, simply strain the orange juice a couple of times before placing it in the refrigerator. Remember that you can use different types of oranges for your mimosas such as navel oranges or clementines.
  • Keep the sparkling wine chill before preparing. A warm mimosa is not refreshing at all!
  • Take a champagne flute, the tall design helps retain the bubbles from the sparkling dry wine.
  • Start by pouring in the sparkling wine first. Otherwise, the mixture could overflow and create a mess.
  • When you pour the wine, hold the glass slightly tilted to preserve the carbonation.
  • Never stir your mimosa! Just pouring it will mix both of the ingredients enough, and stirring it could only cause more bubbles than recommended.
  • Garnishing your mimosas is a personal choice, if you’d like to keep it simple that’s fine, if you want to garnish you can simply place an orange wedge in the rim of the flute.


Ready to make your first, sparkling mimosa?