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The Best Way to Steam Veggies



Steamed vegetables are a great option if you want to eat a healthy and delicious meal.  Some people refuse to try them but there are many ways you can make them tasty. Steaming vegetables not only helps you to keep a healthy diet but with your digestive system.  For the people that love vegetables, it’s a great accompaniment for a steak, chicken, or whatever you like. It’s a way of eating what your body needs and wants. There are different types of steamers that you can use and several styles to choose from. Pick the one that fits you the most!


Find the best way to steam your veggies and enjoy them in your favorite meals.


Prepare vegetables

All vegetables can be steamed, some work better than others but you can still choose them and steam them at another rate. The ones that are quicker to steam are: broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, asparagus, etc. Before you throw your veggies into the water, make sure that you check the time each of them needs to cook.


Clean your vegetables

Before you steam your vegetables, make sure you clean them well and wash the dirt and bacteria away. Some veggies have more dirt than others so take your time to wash them and disinfect them.  We don’t recommend using the commercial products that are meant for this, using clean water helps as much as that and it's more natural.


Cut your vegetables

It’s time to cut your veggies. Big vegetables will steam faster if you cut them into little pieces. It’s a quick preparation and it will accelerate the process. The ones that are smaller you can throw them in the water as they come. Most vegetables don’t need to be peeled before cooking, so don’t worry about those details.


Separate your vegetables

Depending on the time some veggies take to cook, it’s better that you separate them and steam them with the ones that take the same amount of time. If you don’t want to cook them separately, find a way to keep them separated in the steamer so you can remove the faster cooking ones without a problem.


Time to steam

Start by heating the water in your steamer and close it when it boils so the steamer can build its internal temperature. An important tip is that the water in the bottom should not touch the vegetables in the steaming basket. Finally add the veggies to the steamer and wait until they are cooked.


The steel steamer basket has been used in past generations and remains today. Probably your grandmother, your mother and you have at least tried it. This object has feet that elevate it from the bottom of the pot allowing water to pass and create a lot of steam underneath.


Finally if you like your vegetables with other flavors you can season them with other ingredients. It’s a very easy process and everybody can make it work. Go ahead and try it!