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The Best Beginner Baking Tips



If you are reading this article, it probably means that you are considering a deep dive into the world of baking, and you are just getting started. Well, first off - congratulations and welcome to the club! Baking is almost addictive, and once you get in the groove, you’ll be totally hooked to that feeling of accomplishment of being able to bake something awesome from scratch, not to mention the happiness that you can spread among your friends and family members with your amazing creations. Before you get there, there is a bit of a learning curve, but don’t give up! With a bit of patience and motivation, you are surely going to get there. Keep reading to learn more about some of the best and most important things to keep in mind when you are approaching baking as a beginner.

Recipes are guidelines, not opinions!

When it comes to cooking something like a stew, recipes can be extremely lax: as long as you follow the basic process, you can pretty much substitute things, change quantities, and kind of wing it a bit. However, baking is a little different because many recipes rely on precise measurement, temperatures, cooking times, and so on. Do not be afraid to follow the recipe and always double-check everything. If you want to make a substitution or add something, make sure you look it up first. It might be ok to do so, or the change might actually mess with the balance of the ingredients and ruin your recipe. Thankfully, the Internet is filled with advice when it comes to this kind of stuff!

Invest in a silicone baking mat.

A silicone baking mat is a fantastic tool for bakers, and it can really make your life a lot easier, especially if you work with the dough a lot.

Take the time to get familiar with your oven.

It’s important to know the limits and the workings of your oven. Not all ovens behave equally, so maybe yours will take a little extra time to reach a certain temperature, and you might also find that there is a bit of a different twist to how certain settings operate. Take the time to become familiar with your oven, so you won’t experience failures simply due to the fact that the temperature or cooking timers were off the mark.