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The 10 Basic Kitchen Equipment Every New Kitchen Should Have

The 10 Basic Kitchen Equipment Every New Kitchen Should Have

Moving in a new home or apartment can be an exciting experience, especially if you’re living alone for the first time. If you’re coming out of college, you probably have a few utensils that can’t run a kitchen. In this article, we share with you the 10 basic kitchen tools that your new kitchen needs to operate smoothly.



A kitchen needs to have three knives. They include a chef knife, a serrated knife and a paring knife. The chef knife does most of the heavy cutting, the serrated knife cuts the bread, while the paring knife is useful for slicing smaller items. You can get a knife block that includes all of these knives.

Cutting Boards

Cutting boards come in handy for your new kitchen. Cutting with a sharp knife is risky without a cutting board. Cutting boards are available in different sizes, shapes and types. Wooden or bamboo cutting boards are used for veggies while plastic boards are good for meat since you can sanitize them more easily.


Mixing Bowls

A kitchen can’t operate without mixing bowls. Baking and preparing dishes would be impossible. Mixing bowls are made of different materials and any kind will work. Mixing bowls made of glass are good because they’re easy to clean and don’t react with any foods but plastic mixing bowls are lighter and easier to work with. They are also better if you have a tendency to drop things.


Measuring Cups and Spoons

Measuring cups and spoons are basic kitchen tools that prevent you from getting your flavors and quantities wrong. When buying measuring cups and spoons, go for the type that are easy to clean and store.


Can Opener

Technology has led to the creation of electric can openers. However, strong manual can openers are the most reliable.


Vegetable Peeler

Vegetable peelers are multipurpose kitchen tools that can be used for peeling vegetables and fruits and also for preparing salads.


Colanders are useful for washing vegetables and draining pasta. Plastic colanders are mostly used in washing canned beans and rinsing vegetables because they’re easy to clean. Metal colanders are better overall because they last longer and can handle the heat from hot water when you drain pasta.

Spoons, Spatulas, Whisks, And Tongs

The above kitchen items are essential if you want to prepare anything. It’s a good idea to buy them and put them together on a holder. Tongs are multipurpose tools used for flipping steak and picking up hot food from a frying pan.


Meat Thermometers

Meat thermometers are important to make sure your meat has reached the correct temperature so that it is perfectly cooked and remains juicy. It also lets you know when your meat is safe to eat.


Towels and Potholders

A nice kitchen towel and potholders are basic kitchen tools that protect you from burns. Towels and potholders are also a great decoration for your kitchen.

The kitchen items discussed above are the most basic that your new kitchen needs to have. Of course, there are other advanced kitchen appliances that make your work easier and saves you time. You should consider getting advanced kitchen tools after you’ve bought the basics. If you’re a running a kitchen for the first time, then you’ll be okay with the ten basic tools mentioned here. They are enough to help you prepare any meal.