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Stove Cleaning Hacks



The stove is one of the most necessary appliances in your kitchen, if not the most important one, right after the refrigerator. This appliance is capable of performing several tasks and helps you prepare the most amazing stews, soups, grills, and desserts for your family. Given that stoves usually see some heavy use, it’s only normal that your stove gets pretty dirty, pretty quickly. That’s why we wanted to show you the best stove cleaning hacks.



Lemon is a fruit that contains great levels of acidity, which makes it perfect to cut right through grease, stains, and splatters of all kinds. If you want to use lemon to clean your stove, simply cut one in half and rub it directly over every spot that you see on the surface. After you cover the stains thoroughly with lemon, sprinkle some baking soda, scrub very gently and then wipe the excess mixture with a wet cloth.



Ammonia is a very delicate compound that definitely needs to be handled carefully, but it is particularly good when we’re dealing with a greasy stove. Ammonia is a gas that is highly soluble in water, so to prepare it you must dilute it according to the instructions provided in the bottle and pour it in a safe container. Then you take all of your greasy burner heads, caps, and grates and place them inside the container and leave them overnight. The next morning simply take them out, give them a good rinse and they’ll be as new!


Boiling water

When your stove is not that dirty but it could definitely use a pick-me-up to shine as new, you don’t have to resort to abrasive chemicals to clean it. If you see mild stains on your stove, simply pour a bit of boiling water right over them and let the grease and grime loosen up so you can later wipe it out or lightly scrub it with a sponge.


White vinegar

We’ve explored the power of lemon due to its natural acid properties, but it’s still a pretty harsh component that can end up doing more harm than good when not used properly. If you want the same results but with fewer side effects, you can turn safely to vinegar. This fluid is pretty acidic and rips out grease perfectly. To use vinegar to clean stoves, mix 1 part vinegar with 1 part water. Pour the mix on the glass of your stove and let sit for 5 minutes, then you can simply wipe out all the dirt.


Dish soap and baking soda

Sure, dish soap is a perfectly nice product that was designed to clean dishes and other appliances in your kitchen. But if you want to go the extra mile with a particularly stubborn stain, you should mix equal parts baking soda and liquid dish soap. When it reaches a foamy texture, spread it on the stain and scrub with a sponge to loosen the grime.


Cleaning your stove is much easier than you thought. You don’t need all those fancy and expensive appliance cleaners when some of the best cleaning agents are already sitting in your pantry!