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Space-Making Hacks for Small Kitchens



The kitchen is almost like the heart of a house. This is the place where people get together and you cook up some of the most mouth-watering meals to please your guests and family. Unfortunately, some apartments or houses don’t have the best space dedicated for the kitchen. If this is your case and you have a small kitchen, here are some useful space-saving hacks to take advantage of every inch.


Turn one tall shelf into two smaller shelves

Most kitchen cabinets feature really tall shelves which are great for storing huge items. This is great if you have big cooking tools, but this is not that common and you end up with lots of dead vertical space. To solve this, place a middle shelf to make two levels where there’s typically just one.


Use fake drawers in deep cabinets

Some deep cabinets are great if you have tons of space to spare and want to store items freely. But if you’re suffering from very little space then you can purchase several small baskets and create face drawers to separate and store much more items than you typically would.


Use drawer dividers

Drawers are other areas of your kitchen where space is commonly wasted. Filling up those drawers with cutlery and other items can be such a big waste, but if you place drawer dividers you’ll be able to have everything in place.


Store your pans sideways

This is probably the best piece of advice we can give you when it comes to kitchen space. Pans and skillets are really helpful to cook, but they have a very uncomfortable shape that doesn’t make it easier to store. Try placing your pans and skillets sideways in order to save space and keep them in order.


Install a magnetic knife bar

Knives are big kitchen tools that can end up getting in the way and even being dangerous if you stick your hand in a drawer carelessly. You can save some precious space by installing a magnetic bar in your wall and sticking all your knives in there.


Store items above head-level

Hey, just because you can’t easily reach a place doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take advantage of it! After all, there are plenty of items that are not being used as frequently as others, so you might want to store tools and appliances above head level, on the top of counters and even above the fridge.


Take advantage of narrow places

Kitchens tend to have very narrow spaces between appliances and counters. Don’t miss this opportunity to create narrow shelves or sliders where you can store thin objects such as spices and glasses.


Place a hollow island to fill it up

If you’re lucky enough to have an island in your small kitchen, use this opportunity to make some extra space. Have a hollow kitchen island installed and use the extra space to store your plates, pans and even smaller appliances that you use on a daily basis.


Now that you know some of the most handy tips to make space in a small kitchen, you only need to take a trip to the closest store and start adapting your place to cook as freely as it should be.