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Simple Tips to Optimize Your Kitchen Space



It doesn’t matter whether you have a small kitchen nook or a big space to prep your meals: almost every household complains about the same problem. There never seems to be enough space in the kitchen! Well, the truth is that probably your space is more than enough as it is: the only thing that’s relevant is how you organize the space at your disposal. Some kitchen spaces aren’t as optimized as they should, and some might miss out on functionality over aesthetics. In other words, that bowl of fruit at the center of your kitchen island might look super nice, but it might also prevent you from taking full advantage of the functional space in your kitchen. Keep reading to learn more about a few simple ways to optimize your kitchen space.

- Pick a cutting board that fits over your sink.

Cutting boards are incredibly useful, and they come in so many shapes and sizes. However, the smartest and most practical solution is probably to pick cutting boards that are slightly larger than your sink’s surface area so that you can actually place them over the sink and turn it into another surface prep area! This is an amazing trip, especially if you have a small kitchen and only limited space to process your ingredients. This way, you can turn your sink into another prep station while the table is occupied by something else.

- Use trays in your drawers.

Many people just ram things into their drawers. I am guilty of this habit too! There is nothing worse than the feeling of total chaos that you experience when you open a kitchen drawer that has no organization whatsoever. A simple task, such as finding a bottle opener, should take seconds, but it takes minutes if you’re lucky! Using a cutlery tray is a great way to keep drawers more organized and give each tool a specific space. It’s also good for safety since you can separate sharp utensils like knives from other stuff, so you do not risk cutting yourself by accident when looking for things.

- Illumination.

Many people overlook the importance of lighting in the kitchen. Warm light might be nice and moody, and it makes for a really nice atmosphere, but it is really not ideal when it comes to working in the kitchen. Make sure you have plenty of light, ideally around 4k in luminescence, and that your working area is well-lit for a safer, smoother cooking experience.