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Safe-proofing a Kitchen



The kitchen is pretty much the heart of your house, being the place for at least one daily gathering of the family and friends also spending time in there, all around delicious meals. But, aside from being so important, your kitchen could also be potentially dangerous for your  small children or even elderly people who live in your house. Keep reading if you want to learn how to safe-proof a kitchen correctly.


Soften sharp edges and corners

One of the most common things that kids could do while playing and running around in the kitchen is to bang their heads against the sharp edges of countertops and islands. You can purchase soft corner protectors to shield the corners or you can place thick duct tape. Another recommendation is to keep bar stools away from counters so kids don’t have a way to climb.


Use appliance locks

Each appliance in your kitchen is a new opportunity for kids to harm themselves, and it’s no secret that children are fascinated by the freezer, refrigerator, oven and dishwasher doors. The way to tackle these risks is to install flexible appliance locks to prevent your kids from opening any door, but still being easily manageable by adults.


Put a lid on your trash can

Some people prefer to keep their trash can wide open so they can throw their garbage out freely. While this is way more comfortable, it’s also a big risk for families with small children because they could easily tilt the can and spread the garbage, or climb on it and get stuck inside. If you want to avoid a rain of garbage in your kitchen, best placing a lid on it.


Cabinets and drawers

This is probably the most popular solution for parents of young children. If you want to keep cutlery, chemicals and other hazardous items away from the kids you should install adhesive child-proof cabinet locks, invisible latches and drawer locks and even Lazy Susan locks to prevent kids from spinning them.


Practice safe cooking

It’s not just about how you store your items, it’s also about what you do around the kitchen when the kids are near. Make sure to cook only on the back burners and turn the pot handles backward when the kids are around. If possible, keep babies safe in their high chair along with their harness while you’re doing dangerous tasks while baking or chopping up stuff.


Child-proof the stove

The stove is one of the most dangerous appliances for kids. Make sure to place an oven lock so they can’t open the door, place a stove guard which creates a barrier between your kids’ hands and the burners if they’re on, and you can even install knob covers so they can’t turn the burners on.


Unplug small appliances

Small appliances don’t really have to be plugged in all the time. When you’re not using them, unplug toasters, blenders, coffee makers and other appliances, and make sure to wind the cords so the kids have nothing to yank or tug on.


We know you can’t keep your babies or children away from the kitchen, so lastly we recommend you create a “child-safe” cabinet for them on floor level. Place safe items such as plastic food containers and wooden utensils.