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Must-have Spices For Your Kitchen


It doesn’t matter which meal or dish you’re preparing and it doesn’t matter which time of the day it is, everybody needs to use at least a bit of spice to improve the flavor. Among the hundreds of spices that exist in the world, there are 10 main spices that should be in any kitchen in order to prepare all sorts of meals.


Black Pepper

Once you start cooking recipes for you and your family, you’ll realize that one of the spices that you’ll need the most is black pepper. Black pepper makes up for savory dishes and it can be a part of great meals such as pasta, chicken and stews.


Mustard Seeds

Mustard has a unique, spicy and hot flavor that’s suited for the most delicate palates. You can add mustard seeds to slaws and pickles, and they also work wonders on meals with cheese and garlic such as pasta and garlic fish.



Dried oregano is actually one of the most important spices for Latin and Mediterranean cuisine. The flavor of oregano is a bit bitter but it really puts together any meal. You can easily add oregano to grilled shrimp, roasted tomatoes and potatoes and roasted chicken.



You might’ve not noticed this but there are actually two kinds of cinnamon. Most people are familiar with the sweet cinnamon which is the Indonesian kind and has a softer taste, but if you’re more into spicy flavors you can try the Red Hot candy kind of cinnamon.


Ground Garlic

Garlic is one of the main pillars of any type of cuisine. It’s taste is fresh and it gives flavor and tinge to any sort of meal. Garlic is so important that you can use it in anything from the water used to boil pasta to spice up meat and give taste to sauces and dips such as guacamole.



Turmeric is very popular and known for its characteristic yellowy-orange color and because it’s widely used in Indian and Thai cuisine. In spite of this, turmeric can actually be used to add a floral and mild taste to any meal, used similarly to ginger. Use it in soups, chicken and even to prepare the famous golden milk


Red Pepper Flakes

This is one of those spices that are strongly recommended for people who need spice and hotness in their life. You can literally use red pepper flakes to sprinkle them on anything and make it a hotter version of the original one.



Cumin has an aromatic, nutty and mainly earthly flavor that can be part of many meals such as chilli pots, pasta with grilled vegetables, noodles with eggplant or even roasted cauliflower.


Spices are definitely the finishing touch that might be missing from your meals and dishes. Your life and your cooking will never be the same once you start using them in more versatile ways for all of your recipes and mixing them up with new ingredients. Which ones are you missing from your pantry?