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Life-Changing Ice Cream Hacks


Ice cream is a dessert that we enjoy from the moment we are little until we’re old. There’s something magical about a scoop of this frozen treat that makes you want more and more. Some people make their own ice cream and try out new flavors, but even if you’re an amateur who only enjoys pre-made ice cream from the store and is looking for new ways to amp up the flavor, there are many hacks that you can try. Check them all out!


Store your ice cream in a resealable bag

The only thing that could ruin a good scoop of ice cream is to open the tub and find it hard and covered with ice crystals. When ice cream gets constantly in touch with air and warm temperature, the consistency starts to get rougher and less creamy. To avoid those ugly freezer burns, simply take your ice cream and place it in a zipper bag and seal it tightly, making sure no air is left inside. Every time you take your ice cream out of the freezer it’ll be creamy and soft.


Stop leaks from your waffle cone

There are two types of people in the world: those who serve their ice cream in a cup or bowl and those who enjoy the good ol’ ice cream cone. Nothing compares to the texture of a cold and soft sweet treat along with a crunchy and fresh waffle cone. The only negative aspect of eating ice cream in a cone is that, inevitably, it starts to melt and drip from the bottom of the cone; so to avoid this you might want to try placing a small marshmallow at the bottom of your cone before filling it. This trick may just make the last bite your favorite one!


Make the most out of your Nutella

The good thing about ice cream is that it can be eaten with literally all sorts of toppings that go from sweet to salty or even spicy. One of the ultimate ice cream combos is, without a doubt, ice cream and Nutella. This delicious hazelnut spread has the perfect texture to mix with soft ice cream of all types of flavors. If your Nutella jar is almost empty but it still has a little bit of joy inside, simply serve your ice cream directly in the jar and enjoy the mix!


Store ice cream at the bottom of the freezer

As we mentioned before, ice cream getting in contact with air and changing temperatures is the #1 enemy and can change the texture of your ice cream. If you want to avoid this, make sure to store your ice cream at the very bottom of your freezer, as far as you can from the door (and definitely don’t store it in the door!). You can also store your ice cream tub upside down to keep it soft.


DIY ice cream sandwiches

This is not particularly a new tip, but we can’t skip it in this list. If you want to turn your plain ice cream into the most mouth-watering ice cream sandwich, simply take a knife and makes slices while the ice cream is still in the tub. You’ll end up with the perfect-sized slices of ice cream in a mess-free way that are ready to be placed between two cookies of your choice.


That’s it ice cream lovers! With these simple hacks you’ll have no problem enjoying your dessert like it was a freshly served Gelato in the streets of Italy.