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How to Organize Cooking Utensils



If you’re a fan of cooking and baking, then you’re no stranger to walking into a specialized cooking store and leaving it with at least one new tool. Cooking utensils are fancy, flashy, and pretty helpful so you can get better recipes each time with tastier results. If you have dozens of cooking utensils but you’re running out of space in your kitchen, check out these useful tips to organize your tools.


Place them in mason jars

There are hundreds of small cooking tools that seemingly don’t take up much space, but when you stack them up they’re a big hassle. Whiskers, spatulas, and knives could be easily stored inside mason jars to be all together but in plain sight. If you’re storing knives you might want to fill the mason jar with grains so they protect the blades.


Hang them in a pegboard

Pegboards are items normally used to store craft tools such as hammers, drills, and more. But no one says you can’t use them in a new and creative way around the kitchen. Screw a pegboard on your kitchen next to the stove and above your countertops, then simply hang your cooking utensils in there to keep them at hand.


Hang them next to your cabinets

Sometimes a kitchen is so small and cramped that there’s not even extra space in the walls. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make use of the sides of your cabinets. Simply attach a metal bar, rod, or metal hooks and hang those utensils you use the most. Just make sure not to hang dangerous tools such as knives, especially if you have small children around the house.


Use big ceramic pots

Big kitchens are perfect for spacious and elegant storing solutions. So, if you have the luxury of long and stretched kitchen islands and cabinets, you can store all of your cooking tools in plain sight. Purchase a set of beautiful ceramic pots or utensil crocks, and fill them out with whatever you want. They’ll look amazing and keep all of your tools together.


Use a magnetic knife strip

Another impressive storing solution for your cooking utensils for when you don’t have more space in the drawers. The good thing about magnetic knife strips is that they can hold anything that’s made of metal with a great hold. Cooking tools such as stainless steel spoons, ladles, knives, whisks, and more can be safely stored this way. Just make sure to keep it in a high place.


Store them diagonally

Here’s a trick not many people know: storing diagonally can help you save space and make all things fit better inside a drawer. For this storing method, you’ll need to build or purchase a special crate to fit inside your drawer. This crate has diagonal lines which make it easier to store long utensils that don’t typically fit the regular way.


Cooking tools and utensils can be your best friends when you’re using them, but when it’s time to store them and keep them at bay, they can be your nightmare. Follow our organizing tips and never suffer storing your tools again!