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How to Make Your Dishes Not Only Taste Good but Also Look Good



Making food look good is also an art that will enhance its aesthetic appeal, thereby making it more attractive for people to eat. After all, what is pleasing to the eyes has that initial sense of interest, and this concept also applies to food. Good looking food always equates to good and delicious food, and that’s what consumers love and would surely make them want to eat it. Even while at home, preparing food in a good looking manner will also help in making children eat food appropriately and other household members would enjoy that too. Here are some tips for you to make delicious food that also looks good:


●  Mind the proportions.

This is the first and most important tip in making a good food presentation. Ensure that your plate size is in proportion to the serving size of your food. While colors and ingredients are also important, ensure that you will maintain calculated amounts of each item and avoid being too overcrowded.


●    Proper styling.

This is also an important guideline in creating the main aesthetic of the food, despite mixing dishes or ingredients. Identify the main ingredient of your dish and put it in the center to ensure that it draws all the attention. Accentuate it with colorful ingredients or put some odd-numbered food items to make it more attractive.


●    Choose the proper tableware.

As mentioned previously, the size of the plate is important, but the kind of plate is also equally important. Make sure to choose an attractive or appropriate plate for your dish in terms of its shape, size, or even color. Also, make sure to check there are no damaged items and replace them accordingly when needed.


●    Proper garnishing.

Even without the aim of a great food presentation, garnishing can make or break a dish in general as it improves its texture and flavor of the dish. Maintain a set amount of garnish for your dish and choose the ones that can add colors to your dish to make it more appealing.
These are just some tips for you to help make a great food presentation. They are important for you to achieve the best presentation that you desire, but corresponding equipment is also important. You can find the appropriate equipment here on www.springchef.com.