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How to Make Meringue Successfully



If you’ve ever tasted a fresh key-lime pie, then you know it wouldn’t be the same thing without its thick and spongy meringue. This delicious dessert is perfect to be eaten on its own or you can use it to decorate and add a pop of flavor to your recipes (pies, cakes, cookies, etc). But meringue doesn’t just happen overnight! And it tastes much better when you make it from scratch. In this article, we’ll teach you how to make the best and fluffiest meringue.

What is meringue?

This sweet and soft cream is an amazing dessert on its own or to top other things. Technically, meringue consists of whipped egg whites, stabilized with sugar and an acid ingredient. Making meringue is not hard but you do have to follow the steps closely.

This happens because egg whites are made up of 90% water and 10% protein. The protein in egg whites is formed of amino acids, which are usually attracted to water (as opposed to other amino acids which repel water). When you whisk egg whites, you’re basically adding air bubbles into the water/protein mixture, which results in a thick foam where proteins are “released”.

Ingredients to make meringue

The best thing about meringue is that the ingredients are simple and easy to get, so you won’t have to run around the supermarket looking for some fancy food.

Eggs. Make sure you pick eggs fresh since they’re best for making a good meringue. Although it can be done, we don’t recommend picking boxed or carton egg whites because they’re usually pasteurized and the process they go through prevents your meringue from reaching a glossy and stiff appearance.

Sugar. This is the most important ingredient to get a sweet treat! A meringue without sugar would be senseless.

Cream of tartar. This ingredient is the secret to getting a strong and stable meringue.

A pinch of salt and vanilla to taste. This is great to add your desired flavor.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Meringue might sound like a complicated recipe, but prepping it is actually quite simple, it just takes following the recipe closely. Below you’ll find the steps to make meringue.

● Step 1: Start off by beating the egg whites using a stand mixer at medium speed until they are completely broken up and look frothy and spongy. You can also hand beat them, but it can take about double-time.

● Step 2: Next, add the cream of tartar, the salt, and the vanilla extract to the freshly-beaten egg whites.

● Step 3: Beat the mixture to soft peaks on medium to high speed.
● Step 4: When your mixture reaches soft peaks, gradually start pouring the sugar, adding a couple of tablespoons at a time, until you incorporate it completely.

● Step 5: Continue beating the mixture until it reaches a glossy look, and you notice stiff peaks form. When your mixture reaches this appearance, you need to stop, or else you’ll over-beat the meringue. However, don’t stop beating until you get glossy, firm peaks.

Ready to prepare the softest and lightest meringue there ever was?