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How to Declutter Your Kitchen


We all dream of having a huge, spacious, and open kitchen, where everything has its place and there’s even room to spare. The truth is, a kitchen is always a place that falls short in storage, needing for us to make better decisions to avoid getting crammed. If you want to learn some of the most useful decluttering tips for your kitchen, keep reading!

Evaluate your appliances

While it is true that kitchen appliances and gadgets can make cooking a lot easier, they might take up unnecessary space, since not many of them are easy to store. If you want to declutter your kitchen, start by thinking of all the cooking tasks you usually perform and which tools are most needed. We also recommend you check your appliances periodically to see if they work. If you find something broken but you still want it, then get it fixed quickly, or else it’ll get rusted and old, just taking up space in a counter.

Multitask your pots, pans, and skillets

Some people are more than happy with just one skillet to cook for themselves, while others are a bit more elaborate and use several pans and pots to make a single meal. No matter what your case is, we assure you you can live with fewer items. The thing with small pots and pans is that they’re good for only one task, so you need several of them; while bigger skillets and dishes take up too much space. Keeping this in mind, a medium-sized pot, pan or skillet will do the work, performing several tasks while taking up the right amount of space.

Get rid of bulky items

This tip can be particularly helpful if you have a smaller kitchen rather than a spacious one. There are beautiful kitchen items that happen to be big and bulky (usually decorative but sometimes you find the occasional high-end appliance). To declutter your kitchen you should stick to smaller and more practical appliances that work just as well and can be easily stored. We’re not asking you to stop decorating your kitchen, just do it in more subtle ways such as fridge magnets, pot holders, and coasters.

Pick products with multiple uses

We’ve all entered a fancy cooking store, filled with specialty products that are great for one task such as pressing cookies or kneading dough. No matter how beautiful and expert they look, they’re not really great if you want to save space. The most recommended thing to keep it simple is to purchase kitchen items that can perform multiple tasks. With this in mind, you can use a hand mixer and not buy a stand mixer as well, or you can buy both an oven and fridge-safe storage containers instead of purchasing them separately.

Pick smaller tableware

Even though they’re not technically cooking utensils, tableware can also start piling up in your kitchen without much use. There’s no way you’ll use all of your plates, bowls, mugs, and glasses! Unless you have very big cupboards and big dinner parties all the time, you should probably just stick to what you need. If you happen to have a dinner party once in a while, borrowing or renting dishes might be a better idea. However, if you have very special china you’d like to keep, it’d be best to store it outside the kitchen.