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How to Clean Your Kitchen the Right Way During the Pandemic


Did you know the coronavirus can be transmitted even during routine kitchen tasks? We're talking about preparing a meal or stocking the pantry.


That’s why health experts recommend thoroughly cleaning your kitchen daily during the pandemic.


Now before you grab a mop and start cleaning, read our 3-step method based on advice from coronavirus experts on how to clean your kitchen the right way.



1. Wash Your Hands


Before you clean the kitchen — or any other area of your home really — follow these 3 steps to wash your hands properly.


  1. Wet your hands with running water.
  2. Apply enough soap to cover all areas of your hands, including the back of your hand, under the nails, and between your fingers.
  3. Scrub for 20 seconds, at least, before rinsing with water thoroughly.



2. Disinfect Your Kitchen


This is the step where most people make a mistake. Instead of using a strong disinfectant, they either use soap and water or natural ingredients like salt, lemon, or vinegar.


That’s a big mistake.


Natural ingredients are not as effective on the novel virus. As for soap and water, just because the combination always kills bacteria doesn’t mean it will also always work on a stubborn virus like covid-19.


Experts recommend using a strong disinfectant with 70% alcohol content to ensure that your kitchen is 100% coronavirus-free.



3. Let It Dry


After cleaning, many people use the kitchen right away. According to experts, that’s a no-no because the virus does not die until the surface is completely dry.