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Herbs that are Surprisingly Easy to Grow and Cook With



Herbs and spices are the finishing touches of any delicious meal. If you like to add a nice touch of flavor but sometimes you forget until you’re in the middle of cooking, you might be tempted to start your own herb garden. Fresh herbs not only are tastier, but they also bring a stronger flavor to any dish. Check out which are the easiest herbs to grow and include in your cooking.


Chives are elegant herbs that look like lean and thin grass. Chives don’t need a lot of sunlight in order to grow correctly, and they can be easily grown even inside the kitchen in an aesthetic little pot. Whenever you use a big chunk of chives, simply chop it back into the soil to promote regrowth. Chives add a nice oniony flavor to meals and condiments such as Asian sauce.


Basil is a gentle and easy herb that simply needs a lot of sunlight and warm weather. To grow them, simply plant the seeds and place the pot in a south-facing window. Make sure to keep the soil moist constantly and you can have different variations of basil in the same pot. Basil as a cooking herb is perfect to add a strong, earthy flavor to roasts and stews.


You might be wondering what lavender is doing in this list. In fact, French cooking and fancy recipes can be heightened by leaves of lavender. Think of an elegant roasted potatoes casserole, cakes, cookies, and, of course, to enhance the flavor of lemonade. To grow lavender, you just need a sunny place with soil that drains well.


Bay might be considered a slow grower, at first. The truth is, this herb is perfect to cultivate in a small container all year round, but it needs a lot of fresh air and space, so don’t think of mixing it with other herbs. Bay leaves will add a strong and noticeable flavor to any dish but you mustn’t forget to remove the leaves before serving since they’re only designed to add flavor and not be eaten directly.


One of the most popular and used herbs for anyone who loves to cook, parsley is a classic. Start by planting the seeds in a sunny and warm place, and harvest the leaves from outside from inside. Since parsley is so versatile, you can use it as a garnish or sprinkle it or even blend it to create salsa.


Thyme is a small, pretty, and bushy herb that grows well in small pots, it needs plenty of sun and relatively little water. Thyme is aromatic and has a very distinctive smell and flavor, so you can use it to rub on steaks, infuse it on bread and even make thyme butter for your meals.


Rosemary is a perennial herb that needs very little maintenance, needing only a sunny spot and well-draining soil. You can use rosemary in the kitchen in your roasted meats and vegetables. You can even season mashed potatoes with a bit of rosemary!

Now that you know some of the most popular herbs for cooking that can also be grown easily right in the kitchen, are you ready to start your garden?