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Getting Creative with Kitchen Tools



Having a variety of kitchen tools in your arsenal is truly amazing. The best tools can be very versatile and can unleash the full potential of your creativity. Keep reading to learn more about how to get more creative with your kitchen tools!

Mash away!

Do you remember that potato masher you bought and only used once? Well, it’s time to dust off that bad boy because it can be handy in so many ways. In fact, potato mashers can be used for many other dishes and aren’t only good for mashed potatoes. It can be amazing to do fresh guacamole. Most people like to use a simple fork to mash the avocado, but usually, you come out with a consistency that’s almost always uneven. Some people use a blender, but usually, they risk over-blending their guacamole and make it totally texture-less. A potato masher can help you make it so much better, as you can get somewhere in the middle, achieving a texture that’s creamy yet chunky enough to be more interesting and palatable!

You can also use your potato masher to crush nuts and seeds - just wrapped your ingredients in a tea towel, and bang away! Make sure you do this on a cutting board so you don’t damage your work surface.

Egg slicer galore.

Are you not finding much use of your egg slicer? You’d be surprised what you can do with it! For example, it can be amazing to cut soft-boiled carrots or other vegetables that have been cooked to a softer texture. It can also be cool to use with baby potatoes. In addition to that, it might be a great tool to slice mushrooms, even when raw! Want something even more fun? Use it to slice strawberries and make an amazing fruit salad!

To top it off, your egg slicer can be really good if you want to use it with cheeses such as firm mozzarella or even tofu and paneer! You might suddenly find yourself using your old egg slicer a lot more often now that you can fully realize its potential!

Muffin tray.

Are you not baking muffins as often as you’d like? There is another cool way to use your old muffin tray! These tools are perfect for freezing broths, and you can fill them up with the liquid and make a great set of portions to use at your own leisure.