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Genius Uses for Mason Jars



These little items have gained popularity over the past few years, and it’s no secret why everybody loves to have them around. If you have lots of mason jars just sitting around in your pantry and you’re wondering if you could put them to good use, here are some genius uses for mason jars!


Sprouting lentils and beans

Each time more people start seeing the benefits of consuming sprouts instead of plain lentils, beans and other grains. Sprouting can increase vitamins and nutrients in your grains and can decrease the uncomfortable side effects of these foods. The best thing about sprouting is that you can do it easily in a mason jar. Simply toss your grains in the jar, fill with water and drain after about 12 hours. Repeat the process and in about 36 to 48 hours your grains will have sprouted!


Prepping lunch in a jar

If you have a 9 to 5 job and there’s no change you can make it in time to lunch at your own place, a mason jar can save your life. Prepping quick meals in a mason jar is cleaner than using plastic containers, and the taste remains fresh for longer periods of time. So prep your salad or soup and take it to work!


Single-serve desserts

Just like you can prepare lunch for one in a mason jar, you can also make those famous mug cakes. If you have a sweet tooth but don’t want to overdo it because you’re on a  diet or you simply don’t want to deal with leftovers, make a single serving of your favorite dessert and voilá!


Store food in the pantry

If you already have mason jars in your pantry, why not put them to use? Take out your jars, wash them and dry them thoroughly and use them to store grains such as rice, beans and even different types of pasta, nuts or candy for the children!


As flower vase

If you’re really into the whole shabby chic decor vibe, then a mason jar might be the right addition to your kitchen. Take out the lid of your jar and place a beautiful bouquet of flowers in it, and you can even paint it your favorite color or glue some ribbons to it.


For drinking glasses

Let’s face it, mason jars are basically wide drinking glasses. If you’re trying to build an original kitchen and you’re sick of looking at your old, boring glasses, give your drinks a spin by serving in mason jars. They could be exclusive for cocktails, iced coffee or even your morning smoothies before you head out to work.


Salt shaker

Are you a fan of creating your own kitchen utensils? A clear mason jar can help you with this! Simply take a small mason jar, puncture tiny holes in the lid, pour salt inside and tightly close the lid. You can also store sugar, cinnamon or cocoa powder to sprinkle on your hot beverages.


Mason jars could be your best friends, ideal to store, prepare, pour your food and even as home decoration. Which of these ideas will you try on first?