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Fridge Organizing Tips



Our refrigerator is like the heart of the kitchen, it’s the place that hosts some of the most important ingredients and keeps fresh food to be consumed later on. While a fridge is an appliance that every household should have, sometimes we don’t really know how to take advantage of the space and items contained in it. If you want to know the best organizing tips for your refrigerator, you can’t miss this article!



Our first tip for you is probably the most simple one: label stuff! While there are many ingredients that are pretty obvious due to the packaging, you might have several food containers that are sometimes easy to forget. Use an erasable marker, chalk marker, or even sticky notes to place names on your containers, and you can take it further and write the date in which you purchased or prepared something so you remember their estimated expiration date.


Use small containers

Each time more people are turning to containers for their fridges. Just because it’s food and it, apparently, won’t last long in there, it should have a specific space. Think about those ingredients that can never miss in your refrigerator and look for a container that can store enough of that food neatly and in a visible manner.


You can also create categories and make sure they always take the same spot in the fridge. Your eggs can always go in a plastic basket at the bottom, while your vegetables can be stored in reusable bags on opposite sides of the fridge.


Use a lazy susan

When you think of a lazy susan, you might visualize it inside a pantry or a kitchen cabinet, displaying bottles of spices or something similar. In fact, placing a lazy susan in a particularly big fridge could ease things out for you. By placing this handy item on a shelf in the fridge, you can store several jars and access them easily without having to shuffle through everything and get it mixed up each time.


Separate fruits and vegetables

Not many people know this, but certain fruits expel high levels of ethylene, a ripening agent that is capable of ripening every other fruit and vegetable around them. With this in mind, you might want to put some space between your fruits and your vegetables, and if you use bags to store them, make sure they have ventilation holes.


Do a weekly cleaning

An important part of having an organized refrigerator is knowing what to store and how long to store it. Make a habit out of cleaning your fridge once a week, or at least each time you’re going to the grocery store. Throw away expired and rotten food, place the ripest fruits and vegetables right in the front to use them soon, and keep this system going all the time so you don’t miss any item.


With these useful tips, we’re sure you’ll have the refrigerator of your dreams, in spite of the size. A proper organization method can help you cook in a mess-free way and even inspire you to create more elaborate recipes instead of always reaching for the same ingredients.