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Essential Baking Tools



If you are a beginner and you are just starting to bake you should pay attention to your most important baking tools. It’s really frustrating when we are ready to start and we are missing a tool or an ingredient. To avoid this from happening pay attention to our important recommendations. This list of baking tools will help you get organized and achieve the results you are looking for in your recipes. Also, it will allow you to do things quicker, easier and in an efficient way. These tools are the essentials but of course you are more than welcome to buy whatever helps you the most.


Measuring Cups

When you are baking the precision of your ingredients  is very important, so having the right measurement cups and spoons will help you achieve the result you are looking for. We recommend you keep these tools in an easy to grab spot so you can always be ready to use them.



The spatula is a very handy tool when you are baking. It’s flexible enough to slide under anything you are preparing and not squish it or crumble it. It helps you move food, especially cookies from one recipient to another without ruining them.


Pastry Brush

The pastry brush is really helpful and it has more use than what you think it has. If you bake frequently it’s a very important tool to have in your kitchen. It can help you grease the pan, paint the pastries, etc. Also it keeps your hands and the space cleaner.


Kitchen Scissors

These scissors can be helpful in many ways when you are cooking or baking. For example, you can snip fresh herbs, cut things so they can fit in the pan and most importantly open packages and things you need for baking.


Chef Knives

These knives are very important and useful when you are cooking. With them you can slice, dice and chop every ingredient you need. It facilitates the process and it’s quicker than using a regular knife. Especially when you are using fruits or veggies in your recipes, these chef knives will make your life easier.


Rectangular Baking Pan

This is a must have in your kitchen. It can be used for almost any sweet recipe you want to bake. If you don’t want to invest in a lot of pans, make this one your first choice.


Wire Racks

This is a very handy artifact that is a must in your kitchen tools. It allows air to circulate around your baked goods and lets them cool. This way they can taste just as good as they were when you took them out of the oven.


It’s important you check the correct way to use each kitchen tool so you can use them correctly and efficiently. These baking essentials will help you do things faster and get a great result in your treats. Enjoy the journey and make it worth the effort!