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Baking Basics (What You Need to Know, What You Need)



Baking is arguably one of the most difficult cooking methods to master, as it requires precision to achieve the desired results. But with basic guidance, one can bake the proper way. Here are some of the basic baking tips that will help you to create baked goodies the right way:

1.    Working with butter. To properly soften the butter and not turn it into complete liquid, store it at room temperature to avoid curdling. Grate the stick into a bowl to speed up the softening process.

2.    Working with chocolate. The best melting method for chocolate is by doing the following:
a.    Use a bain-marie
b.    Use a saucepan with half-filled water
c.    Bring to a simmer then place a bowl of chocolate on top
d.    Ensure the bowl does not touch the water

3.    Creaming butter and eggs. Beat one egg (stored at room temperature) onto the butter and place one more at a time. This will result in a fluffy and creamy consistency to your end product.

4.    Proper sifting of flour. Sift the flour three to four times to achieve a light sponge. Lift the flour above the bowl to aerate it fully. Use a large metal spoon instead of a wooden spoon to preserve the air on the flour.

5.    Baking cakes. In baking cakes, turn on your oven at least 20 minutes before putting one for baking. Ensure that the rack is in the middle of the oven to have an even distribution of heat. Do not open the oven in the middle of baking time and if ever it gets to browning in the process, cover it loosely with foil. You can determine if it is already cooked if by piercing a skewer into it and it comes out with no residue. Cool the cake after baking for 5 minutes in the pan. You can turn it upside down on a wireframe afterward or if the sides are visibly coming away from the tin.

6.    Sift cocoa. Use a sieve to sift cocoa to have an even distribution of the powder onto your baked product.

7.    Cleaning cake tins. If you have burnt tins, use a non-abrasive scrubber to prevent its non-stick coating from being removed. To prevent this from happening, apply butter or a small amount of oil before using the cake tin.

These are just some basic baking tips for you. Follow them and enjoy baking as much as we do!