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8 Food tricks that will make your life easier



Cooking is a very pleasant experience if you love food and you love to serve amazing dishes to your family and guests. But cooking can sometimes get a little complicated when it comes to “tricky” ingredients or lack of proper tools. Check out these useful food tricks that’ll make your life much easier!


Create your own seasoned butter

If you have leftover herbs that are very few to use on your meals and recipes, don’t throw them away! Instead, place them neatly in an ice cube tray and fill it with olive oil. Let the cubes melt and you’ll be able to use it later as seasoned butter for your bread or pasta.


Cut cherry tomatoes easier

Cherry tomatoes are perfect for salads and other stews, but we can’t deny cutting them can be such a hassle. If you want a stress-free way to cut your tomatoes, place several in a plate and put another flat plate over them, gently pressing on them. While you firmly have the cherry tomatoes in place, slice your knife between the plates and cut them through neatly.


Emergency mayonnaise

Need mayonnaise for a recipe and you’re suddenly out of it? No problem! Simply take a cup of sour cream and mix it with the yolk of an egg and a spoonful of mustard. Same consistency, similar flavor, no waiting.


Store potatoes along with apples

Storing potatoes sometimes is a bit uncomfortable for people when they suddenly realize they’ve sprouted some shoots and they’re no longer good to use. To avoid this, simply store your potatoes next to your apples. The ethylene in apples will prevent any shoots from sprouting in your potatoes.


Adjust the size of your baking trays

Baking is amazing, but it can also be a very expensive hobby. If you have only one big tray but you want to bake something smaller there’s no need to suffer. Simply take a piece of tin foil and fold it neatly to create a barrier and adjust it the size you need.


Freeze cubes of wine or fruits

If a guest came home with a bottle of wine and forgot to chill it or had no time to do it, you’ll probably end up drinking it warm or at the end of the night hoping it’s finally cool enough. To solve this, pour some wine on an ice cube tray and store it for dinner parties, where you’ll probably need to cool down wine quicker without washing the flavor down. You can also add small berries for better taste.


Store your pineapples upside down

Bought a pineapple and you need to use it soon? Simply place the pineapple upside down and store it that way. In this position, the pineapple will ripen quicker and the taste will be sweeter.


Pierce eggs before boiling them

Boiling eggs is a task that not every beginner masters correctly. If you want to take the shell off easier after boiling them, take a pushpin and gently pierce the shell of the egg, then throw it in boiling water. Afterwards the shell will come out with no problem.


With these simple cooking hacks making your dream recipes will require much less effort and stress!