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5 Tips to Cut and Peel Your Veggies the Right Way


Most people don’t know this, but the way you cut your veggies determines how many nutrients you receive from them.


In other words, cut them the right way, and you get to enjoy all the benefits of your cherished veggies. Cut them the wrong way, and you receive only a portion of their total nutrients.


To ensure you get the most out of your veggies, here are 5 tips to cut and peel them the right way.



1. Wash Before Peeling


Washing veggies before peeling (not after) not only removes the dirt on them, but also helps retain their water-soluble vitamins that would be lost otherwise.



2. Use a Sharp Knife


Did you know that cutting vegetables with blunt knives can make them lose some of their nutrients? That’s one of the many reasons we recommend sharp knives — here are three more:


  1. They are safer to use.
  2. They minimize growth of bacteria.
  3. They prevent the softening of vegetables.



3. Peel Carefully


To get the maximum amount of nutrients, peel vegetables as thinly and as close to the skin as possible.



4. Know Your Veggies


Some vegetables like cucumber, potatoes, and eggplant have an edible skin with loads of nutrients. So before you peel a veggie, find out whether you should peel its skin.



5. Store Big Pieces


It’s a rule of thumb that the more finely a vegetable is chopped, the faster it gets spoiled. It loses moisture, its natural color, and even some of its nutrients.


So if you’re going to cut vegetables and store them to be cooked later, cut them in big pieces.