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5 Easy Cauliflower Recipes


Cauliflower has resurfaced in recent years as one of the most versatile vegetables used for all sorts of meals and dishes. Expert chefs and food gods have made this cruciferous vegetable into a main ingredient that can be easily cooked, roasted, steamed, sautéed, stir fried and even microwaved with great results. If you want to learn how to cook some of the best recipes that include cauliflower as a substitute, keep reading and become the best low-carb chef in the world.


Cauliflower fried rice

When you hear the words "cauliflower rice" you might immediately feel discouraged at the thought of eating “fake rice”, but the taste is far from bland. Cauliflower can become one of the most flavorful dishes, with plenty of color and practically the same texture as white rice. if you want to go for a full on-vegetarian meal you can simply add more vegetables and keep it as a side dish, or you can turn it into your main meal by adding shrimp, diced chicken and a little bit of beef.


Cauliflower pizza crust

Every time more and more people go on low carb or the famous keto diet, which means they have to stay completely clear of bread and all sorts of dough. This makes cauliflower your new best friend since it’s the perfect substitute for bread, especially to make and bake pizzas. To create the most basic and mouth watering pizza crust you simply need to shred and drain cauliflower and mix it with eggs, Parmesan cheese and a cup of almond flour and knead until you reach the desired texture.


Gluten-Free and vegan cauliflower hummus

You thought cauliflower still had to look like cauliflower in order to eat it? Think again. With this ingredient you can prepare the most delicious gluten-free, low-carb and keto-friendly alternative to the classic chickpea hummus. Simply mix the cauliflower with a bit of tahini, olive oil, paprika and cumin for a smoky quality and even sweet taste that only pan-fried cauliflower gives. The best thing about this hummus is that you can eat it guilt-free with veggies, crackers, tortilla chips or pita bread.


Cauliflower mac and cheese

Everybody knows mac and cheese is the ultimate comfort food when you need a little pick-me-up. But after eating a big bowl of carb-full mac and cheese you can end up feeling guilty and bloated. Turn your favorite meal into a healthier alternative that’s gluten and carb free by creating this cauliflower mac and cheese. The cauliflower florets will take the place of pasta, but the cheddar, cream cheese, milk and spices will stay intact in the recipe. You can even add a little Dijon mustard and a pinch of Parmesan for extra flavor.


Oven-roasted cauliflower buffalo wings

If you feel like having the vegetarian alternative of this tasty and hearty dish, you can replace chicken wings with cauliflower florets. You only need to bread the cauliflower, then bake it in a hot oven and toss it in spicy sauce. It’ll taste crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. You won’t miss the chicken in this recipe at all.


Which one of these amazing cauliflower based recipes will you try first?