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4 Cutting Board Tips


Cutting boards are one kitchen item EVERYONE must have. It’s just not possible to use your china plates or even your plastic plates to chop and slice food using really thick and heavy knives. A cutting board is one of the first things you need to get when you start making your own food. As we know that you surely already own a cutting board, we thought it might be important that you learned some useful tips that could save you time and even space when trying to work on a small kitchen.


Turn your cutting board into an extra counter

Do you have to cook on a limited counter space because you live in a small apartment or you simply have a small kitchen? This hack is genius. Open up one of the drawers in the kitchen and place the cutting board on top and voila! You have yourself some extra counter space to place ingredients or even cut over it without taking space from the rest of the kitchen.


Clean your cutting board with food (unbelievable but true!)

Did you know that one of the best ways to clean your cutting board is by using ingredients from your pantry? If you have a wooden board and you use it regularly, the best thing you can do is give it a spa treatment by pouring some cooking salt over it then taking half a semi-squeezed lemon and rubbing the salt all over it. The lemon will kill any remaining bacteria on the surface and the salt being scrubbed will reach even the deepest of creases and cuts in the board. After that you can simply wash the mixture off with water and you’re good to go.


Stabilize your cutting board so it won’t slip

Does it ever happen to you that you’re super concentrated chopping or slicing vegetables and then, in a matter of seconds, the cutting board slips and you end up making a mess all over the floor? If you’re no stranger to this, then we recommend stabilizing your cutting board by placing a damp towel or piece of cloth underneath your cutting board. This way the board won’t slip and somewhat adhere to the towel and you’ll be safe to keep cutting.


Use them as sliders for appliances

Most (if not all) of your kitchen appliances probably have some small rubber stickers in their feet to keep them from sliding all over the counter and to avoid accidents. While this is pretty convenient when you’re using them, it can be pretty annoying the rest of the time when you’re trying to move around the appliances to clean up and they just won’t move an inch. To avoid this resistance you can place your cutting boards underneath your appliances, making them “sliders” and making your cleaning work ten times easier. You’ll also save some space by putting the cutting boards underneath them.


Cutting boards can be your best friends and one of the most used items around the kitchen, and with these clever tips they’ll even make your life easier and help you move around your space with ease.