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5 Clever Ways to Use an Ice Cream Scoop


Almost everyone loves ice cream, especially kids. But we know that some people feel like investing in an ice cream scoop just to serve some perfect spheres of cold treats is too much. You might not even bother because of the price, but you’re the kind of person who likes their kitchen tools to be useful for more than just one task. Keeping this in mind, we wanted to look for new and clever ways to put your ice cream scoop to use. All of these are very original, and they’ll help you make your meals more attractive.



  1. Create perfect meatballs

If you and your kids love meatballs, you might want to start making your own variations instead of just buying frozen ones. Nothing beats a homemade meatball and you can include the ingredients you like, making them much healthier and tasty. An important part of making the perfect meatball is handling the meat as little as possible so they end up tender and fluffy. To accomplish this, as well as to make them the perfect size and evenly proportioned, use an ice cream scoop to gather the meat and get it on the pan to cook.



  1. Scoop cookie dough

When you’re baking cookies, one of your biggest frustrations might be that they don’t end up being all the same size and looking very “magazine-like”. If your cookies are the best in taste but you also want to make them look like the best, do what expert bakers do: Use an ice cream scoop to scoop out the cookie dough and serve perfectly proportioned cookies in the baking sheet. You can also spread some flour on the scoop and avoid the dough getting stuck in the spoon.



  1. Carve melon balls

If you have an ice cream scoop you don’t even need to invest in a melon baller. Take a small ice cream scoop and carve the perfect melon balls. Since melon ballers and ice cream scoops are basically the same shape the result will be the same. This is a particularly useful kitchen hack if you like making salads, fruit cocktails and add a nice touch to your beverages in the summer.



  1. Make even cupcakes

Baking cupcakes can be a very fun activity to do on your own or with kids, but one of the most common mistakes is not to calculate the batter correctly and end up making huge cupcakes and then the last ones barely stand out of the cupcake holder. If you’re looking for an efficient way to measure and separate your batter and make sure every cupcake will be the same size, try using an ice cream scoop. Just scoop out batter into each cupcake slot and you’ll have perfectly proportioned treats.



  1. Chocolate truffles

This is a very unexpected kitchen hack for people who love to make desserts to gift to others. If you like to make truffles, you’ll know the hassle it can be to make the tiny balls without having all the chocolate ganache stick to your fingers. Using an ice cream scoop will guarantee the dough won’t stick and you’ll have uniform pieces that’ll look like they were made by a total pro.


Now that you know the many ways in which you can use your ice cream scoop, how will you start taking advantage of it? Start making your favorite round food effortlessly!