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4 Kitchen Hacks You Need to Try this Summer


Wouldn’t it be awesome if your popsicles didn’t create a mess from dripping, your drinks didn't lose their cold, and you didn’t need ice cubes this summer?


The good news is, all of those are possible. Here’s how.



1. Enjoy Mess-Free Popsicles


Don’t you just hate that pesky, sticky drip when you’re trying to enjoy a cool, refreshing popsicle? If so, you should buy some paper muffin cups and put your popsicle stick through it to collect the drip while you enjoy your popsicles.



2. Cool Your Drinks Faster


If you forgot to cool your drink, there’s no need to drink it warm.


Instead of waiting for, say, 30 minutes, you'll have to wait only 15 by wrapping your drink in a wet cloth and putting it in the freezer to expedite the cooling process.



3. Ice Cubes? No More!


Ice cubes cool up drinks faster than anything else. But did you know that once they melt, your drink doesn’t taste as good as it did originally because of all the melted water?



The solution? Preserve the taste of your beverages by upgrading your cooling agent. Instead of cubes, use frozen grapes in your wine, lemon slices in your lemonade, and frozen coffee cubes in your cold brew.



4. Make Refreshing Popsicles At Home


Don’t know how to make a popsicle at home? There’s no need to learn. Just buy some flavored yogurt. Freeze it in a popsicle container and you’ve got yourself a tasty dessert!