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3 Overlooked Ways You Can Use Butter In Your Cooking


Butter is undoubtedly regarded as a staple in the kitchen, and for good reason. This dairy product is incredibly versatile, and it can be used in a wide range of recipes or preparations. Whether it’s a nice steak, some baked veggies, a cake, or pastry, butter is usually a rather vital component of the experience and the flavor. However, there are many fun and unique ways to use butter, which are often overlooked. Keep reading to learn more about how to use butter in unique ways!

Use butter to make a sauce creamier.

One of the “open secrets” of all the finest French chefs is to use butter to finish up a sauce. Upon completion, the chef will add a dash of butter to taste. Imagine you just made a nice tomato sauce for your pasta dish, but it could use that extra creaminess and richness. All you need to do is set the sauce off the heat and add a small piece of butter, letting the heat of the sauce naturally melt it. You can also mix gently, so the butter will absorb more evenly. Stir the sauce in with the pasta and serve: you’ll notice that the butter is going to add a much richer and creamier texture to the sauce. This isn’t a great trick for pasta dishes alone: try it on curries, gravies, and many more!

Fry or sauté with clarified butter.

Some people fail to understand that regular butter is not exactly the best option when it comes to frying or cooking something at a very high temperature. The burning point of regular butter is fairly low, which makes it ideal for baking, but not for deep frying or sautéing at higher temperatures. Thankfully, we have clarified butter! This is essentially fat rendered from regular butter, so with all the milk solids separated, it is possible to use it for high-temperature applications, such as frying! Try frying a schnitzel this way: you’ll never look back!

Make brown butter.

What if I told you that you could turn regular butter into a phenomenal topping for your ice cream, pancakes or desserts? All you need to do is to cook down regular butter at medium-to-low heat until its colors turn to a dark brown. You’ll have something amazing, which tastes kind of like caramel or toffee, with a deep, rich flavor that really suits a lot of desserts.