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3 Baked Goods You Are Scared To Try But Are Easier Than You Might Think!



Are you looking for ways to improve your baking but are afraid to try new things: all you need is a challenge! Try one of these three baked goods, and don’t give up until you make it right.



Making your own yeast (Sourdough)


Most people buy dried yeast from the grocery shop. However, there is quite nothing like being able to use your own fresh yeast! Thankfully, the process of making it is straightforward, and there are many different methods out there. Without getting too deep on methodology, a quick trip to Youtube or Google will show you so many ways to achieve that. Having your yeast is almost like having a Tamagotchi: you need to take care of it every day! It takes about 5-10 minutes of daily maintenance to feed your yeast with flour, but you will be rewarded with a very noticeable improvement in your baking.



Sourdough Bread


Making bakery-quality sourdough bread at home is a true dream for many aspiring bakers. There are several degrees of complexity to the process. In fact, many recipes cater to a variety of levels. From beginners to advanced, you can find something that might be accessible to you. Making sourdough bread usually involves several stages, including extended periods of fermentation to enhance the texture and flavor of the final product. Advanced recipes also involve various folding and kneading methods, which might seem very tricky at first. The good news is that the essential ingredients you need are not very expensive, so you can keep practicing and learn from trial and error.





Meringue is a food preparation that essentially consists of whipped egg whites and sugar. At times, it can be spiced up with other ingredients, including lemon or vinegar, for a bit of an acidic twist to balance the sweetness. Most beginner bakers are incredibly intimidated by meringue because the key to success is to beat the egg whites to form stiff peaks. You’d need to hit the eggs in such a way that the air and mechanical motion of the beating will have broken down the protein in the egg whites so that they can stand up straight. This process might be pretty intensive and tricky for first-timers, especially if they do it by hand. However, it can also be challenging to do it right with a stand mixer because there is always the risk of over-beating your egg whites!