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13 Kitchen Hacks That Will Turn You Into A Pro!

13 Kitchen Hacks That Will Turn You Into A Pro!

Have you ever watched a cooking show and wondered what it would be like to be one of those top chefs? It might surprise you to know that many of them use a few kitchen hacks to save time or bring out more flavor in foods. These hacks will help you reach a new level of cooking and get another step closer to being that top chef you always wanted to be.

1. Soy Sauce

This is the perfect ingredient for savory dishes and will bring out the amazing flavor in food. Try the low sodium version if you are watching your salt intake.

2. Quart Containers

Saving time on vegetable prep is excellent if you need to save time. Place a cherry tomato or other vegetable between two container lids and use your knife to slice them into perfect halves.

 3. Sea Salt

For that perfect finishing salt from salads to steaks, sea salt will add a perfect dash of flavor.

4. Island Flavor

For something different for your burgers or other meats, try ingredients that are from the Caribbean or Hawaii like guava rum sauce or a balsamic compote.

5. Lemons

A fresh squeeze of this acidic fruit will add just the right balance to the salt and fat in your next meat dish.

6. Knife Skills

Prep garlic by smashing it with the side of the knife. Doing this will peel and break up the clove and save you a lot of prep time.

7. French Press

Usually reserved for coffee, you can use this for whipping milk, infusing oils, rising grains, and even brewing tea. It's a multipurpose tool!

8. Olive Oil

When picking out your olive oil, choose the right one depending on the region it's from. Like wine, some olive oils pair differently with different foods.

9. Small Bowls

Every cooking show has a chef using small bowls with the exact amount of ingredients for a specific spice or seasoning. Use an extra one for food trash, so you only have to make one trip to the trash can.

10. Hot Pans

Keep a pan or two ready in a hot oven. For a pot to get hot on a burner, it'll take only two minutes and will save you time.

11. Hot Peppers

For a little extra spice in your dish, chop up a hot pepper and toss it into the mix.

12. Parmesan

Fresh parmesan adds more flavor and depth to any pasta dish. You can put it into soups, stews, or even a risotto dish. A little of the good stuff goes a long way.

13. Tongs

Though you may use these more for grilling meats, they are great for getting things out of a hot oven, stirring soups and sauces, serving, and handling hot lids. They are an extension of your hands.


While some of these may not seem significant, they are used by many top chefs. They will not only cut down on prep; after all, we are hungry and want to eat, but they will also help you add something extra and take you beyond your families mac-n-cheese night. Plus, consider how impressed your family or friends will be when they see you using your new top chef skills and their delight over the fantastic dish you just made.